Sunday, November 24, 2013

I am totally appalled by the materialism pervading the holiday season.  People are camping out in front of big box stores just to get in line to buy a t.v.  While I appreciate a good deal, I just am surprised by the amount of effort people will put in to buy presents, things, stuff.  That people will actually bite, claw and grab in order to get a toy, a video game or similar item.  Totally blows my mind.  What are we focusing on? What are the priorities we are teaching our children, our society as a whole? 

Perhaps I have a bias against “stuff” as the adult child of a hoarder; it hasn’t brought any happiness or joy to me.  Stuff doesn’t fill the gap created by trauma, pain or abuse.  Stuff doesn’t love us or care about us and in many instances can cause destruction in families.

There are simple pleasures that I enjoy about Christmas and the holidays.  I love seeing the pretty lights and decorations. I enjoy decorating my own tree and house.  I enjoy a fire in the fireplace and some hot cider.  I like seeing the stockings hung up on the chimney.  I enjoy finding a unique gift that will surprise and delight the important people in my life.  I enjoy putting up the nativity scene and attending a candle light service.  Spending time with friends is also an enjoyable aspect of the holiday season.  Simple can truly be sweet.